The advertising world. This is where you see people taking on different approaches to their advertising, ranging from the silly to the annoying up to the insulting. People choose these different approaches for their own reasons. Others may be just plain ignorant about the advertising and marketing formulas they are using.

With printing getting more and more modern every day, the creativity of the people is put into limitless boundaries. Seems that the creativity of the people is getting enhanced.

If you plan on handling your own advertising and printing, there are some mistakes you need to take note of and avoid at all costs.

1. Pictures that have nothing to do with what you are advertising about. Do the people realize what you want to convey just by looking at the pictures? Pictures and photos may seem so wonderful that you cannot resist using it on your site. Harden your resistance!

If you want people to remember you because of the pictures you use, make sure that they will remember you on a more positive and productive note. You would not want to be remembered as the one with a silly and weird picture not connected to

2. Cheesy headlines. Your headlines may have that cheesy quality that is needed to catch the attention of your readers, but do they give the right impression too? You certainly do not want people mistaking you as something just because of the way you do your headlines. And you do not want them in print.

Think before printing any headline you think is good. It is better to ask the opinion of other people before doing so because they will give you an initial impression of what they think of it.

3. Illegible fonts. Most people will not take the time to try and decipher what you want to say when they see it written in a brush or anything like that. Even the latest and most beautiful font used is rendered useless if the people do not have any idea what it is in the first place.

Save the artistic fonts for accents and other designs. In the meantime, try to use simple and clean fonts for headlines and body copy.

For your printing materials to be effective and for it to work for other advantages you are hoping for, avoid these common mistakes that people make in doing their advertising.

Keep in mind. You are advertising and printing about yourself.

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